Love and Skate Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Love and Skate book tour :)

To finish this post I've suffered an odyssey: first i don't have internet and then i was editing and... the laptop died :c 

But the show must go on ;) So here's the interview. 


1.What do you like most about your friends?
Loyalty.  I hate one sided friendships.  

2. What names do you like the most?
I like off the wall names but am sometimes afraid to use them.

3. What are the words you use most? 
I try to switch up the words I use.  I hope I don't use any words too much.

4. Who is your favorite hero of science fiction? 
Does Jar-Jar Binks count? 

5. Favorite musician or band? 
Right now? Neutral Milk Hotel and Sufjan Stevens

6. Favorite color? 
Purple, plum, eggplant

7. What is your motto? 
I don't really have one. 

8. Call or text? 
Call. I can say twice as much on the phone.

9. Twitter or Facebook? 

10. Some healthy vice? 

11. A series? 
A favorite series? The Collide series by Shelly Crane

12. A cartoon? 
Phineas and Ferb 
Me too!!! :D 

13. Favorite food? 

14. Have you been to Peru or eaten peruvian food? 
I haven't been to Peru and I've never had Peruvian food.  Send me some! HAHAHA!
Well if you come i can be your tour guide and if we get lost no problem we can call Lu ad she would help get lost AGAIN. haha And for the food well i can try ;) 

15. Chocolate cake or ice cream? 
Ice cream, always, always ice cream.

16. If tomorrow there were a zombie apocalypse what would you do? 
Grab my machete and get to work!

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Goodbye and don't forget to go to the others stops ;)

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