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Maddox is running.

By accident, he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since. Now, on a road trip, determined to find his father and his sanity, and armed with locations and his cousin, Nixon, to help him, maybe he can find the answers he’s been searching for. With nothing but a suitcase and a wad of cash to get him there, lead after lead takes him further from home.

But he’ll find much more than he intended.

He finds Storey, a pint sized pin-up model who has learned painful lessons about guys. Her wounds run deep, but so do his. She knows what she wants, but will she recognize it when it’s right in front of her?

Maddox can’t touch anyone without feeling like his skin is crawling, but just maybe his instinct to protect this amazing girl will supersede his own hang-ups.

If he can brush her skin and start to feel alive inside...everything will change.

And now the excerpt


She let her shirt go and it cascaded down her waist, back into place and on top of my hand, not willing to leave her ink yet.  She turned to face me, and my hand rounded the curve of her waist, around to her back and down to where those two dimples sat above the waistband of those tiny shorts she insisted on wearing to bed.

She reached out, grabbed my other hand and placed it on the corresponding spot on her right  side. 

“You’re not gonna go home, are you?” She whispered it to me; here in the dark while her thumb set me on fire, running across my bottom lip.

“Baby, you are my home,” I answered and pulled her down with me to show her.

After that excerpt, this is me


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Lila Felix lives in the swamps of Louisiana with her husband and three boisterous children. She loves coffee, anything cinnamon and loves to cook. She is a big roller derby fan. When she's not writing, she's watching 80's movies, reading, and collecting duct tape.

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And there is a giveaway! 

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